What's import to you?

Everyone has the choice of what they give their life to. Maybe this choice has never been known before, or maybe this choice has never been made conscious. Now it is. What's important to you? What are you going to give your soul to? I don't care what choice you make, and God doesn't care what choice you make. But you care, and you are the only one who counts. That which is awake in you hears the sounds and notices the sights that appear when you open your eyes. Don't lose yourself to sights, sounds, and feelings. Open yourself to them fully but don't move. Stay in the silence and awakeness. This moment-to-moment choice is the fire of Truth. It does not leave dramatics in its wake. It leaves something unspeakable in its wake that is more satisfying than joy or peace or excitement. At any moment, if you sell out this that is awake, be aware and awake to what your're selling out. Make sure the bargain is what you want it to be. Or you may, by some grace, by some good luck, realize that nothing in you wants to sell out this that is awake anymore, not even for security or for the good opinion of others, It is a real grace to realize this. ~Excerpt from "Emptiness Dancing" by Adyashanti