How to Manifest an Amazing Relationship

 by Jafree Ozwald How to create an amazing relationship... This is, if not the most important, the most powerful thing we can learn as human beings. Our world is defined by the relationships we have or don't have with others, ourselves and life itself. For starters, the most vital aspect to manifesting an amazing relationship is focusing on what you LIKE about the person, instead of what you DON’T like. Whatever you put your attention on expands and grows, so why not look for what is sweet rather than sour? Anytime you focus on the negative, there is another part of you at work desperately trying to change them, and is secretly judging them for not being what they “should” be. The Universe is always exactly the way it should be in every moment; realize this and you’ve just become more enlightened. The world is your mirror, and relationships are your reflections in it. If you can always see this mirror, you will have amazingly successful relationships. When you are feeling triggered by a situation and you see something that you don’t like about another person, they are really REFLECTING that part YOU don’t like about YOU. What you see revolting about them is coming from your FEAR of becoming that terrible thing, or even worse the fact that YOU ARE THAT! There is always a mirror to be seen, and is best used when you are triggered. Sometimes its rather tricky to see especially if there’s a secret old hidden fear you don’t even know about behind the judgment. That’s why we there are LOTS of people with us on the planet. Relationships bring your hidden past life issues out of your closets, so you get to know ALL your hidden ego parts, good or bad. That way you know what you’re letting go of. The Universe really is quite brilliant in many ways, one being how it teaches us the life lessons we’re here to learn. Intimate relationships are the ULTIMATE teachers, especially the ones you let in deeply. Without intimacy (or revealing your heart) your soul struggles to advance, learn and grow. Intimacy (into-me-you-see) causes uncomfortably when you’re releasing attachment to your safe velvety rut of an ego-trip, and is also the most blissful experience of sharing one’s soul, also resulting in freedom from your ego. Intimacy is like everything in life, containing both negative and positive aspect depending on how you really want to see it. "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." ~ Bill Cosby Imagine the Sun was the size of a baseball, and around that baseball was this large magical prism of reflective glass that displayed all sorts of dazzling images, beautiful colors, and even heavenly sounds onto the walls. When you turned the prism a certain way, those images changed, sometimes becoming these terrible evil frightening images. The light remained the same however, constantly radiating it’s brilliance in all directions. Your mind/ego is this prism, your soul is the eternal Sun. Depending on the angle of the dangle, life can appear to be glorious or traumatic, and yet no matter how much you rotate that prism, the Sun never stops shining. "The more you depend on forces outside yourself, the more you are dominated by them." ~Harold Sherman The 5 secrets to manifesting amazing relationships 1. Focus on what you LIKE or LOVE about this person, instead of trying to change them into how you think they’d be better. 2. Always speak what is most truthful, reveal yourself completely without hesitation. 3. You are responsible for what you are feeling, they cannot MAKE YOU feel anything when you choose peace. 4. Total acceptance, appreciation and approve of yourself exactly as you are. 5. Enjoy the reflections in the mirror. They are not you, they come from attachments and avoidances of your ego. Many of us have had moments, days, weeks, and possibly even years of dis-harmony in a certain relationship. This can only happen when you’re avoiding looking at the mirror. More than you’d like to think, you are in denial about what you see in yourself, and is being reflected back to you in the mirror. You’ll have only generous loving connections with everyone when your mirror is dust-free and you’re aware of your reflection. It’s always those sticky, heavy, judgmental energies between you and another, which shows you the dust you’re trying not to see. If your relationship is already close and intimate and a mysterious dis-harmony shows up, retreat into yourself and focus on what you WANT to experience and go for it. You may notice the other person may back off or even try harder, causing you to pull in or retract. Like a duet of argumentative piano players, one starts pounding on the piano keys not being in synch with the other, perhaps trying to make the other sound or feel “better”, and their overall harmony becomes a discord. What’s needed here is a little self-approval and appreciation. "Life is like a great big grinding wheel. Whether it wears you down or polishes you up depends on what you're made of." ~Unknown Many blessings to you, Jafree

Love & Fear

"There are basically two movements of consciousness:
Love & Fear. Love is allowing what is and fear is resisting it."

Full of Love


Disillusionment is not the enemy. It prepares us to receive what's real. The strange thing is that what is real is far more beautiful than our dreams, yet we cling to our dreams for dear life. Life is bigger than we are. It seems to love us a lot. Enjoy the gifts it is sharing with you - shamelessly. No man is an island, we are all part of a vast continent. There is variety, but that does not make us separate. Variety makes life richer -- part of us is in the Himalayas, a part of us is in the stars, a part of us is in the roses. A part of us is in the bird on the wing, a part of us is in the green of the trees. We are spread all over. To experience it as reality will transform your whole approach towards life, will transform your every act, will transform your very being. You will become full of love; you will become full of reverence for life. You will become for the first time, according to me, truly religious -- not a Christian, not a Hindu, not a Mohammedan, but truly, purely religious. ~Osho

Vær Utålodig Menneske


Langsomt blir allting til. Skapelsen varer evig.

Mørket ble lys og lyset ild, og mennesket våknet en dag og sa:

Jeg vil!

Langsomt blir allting til.

Langsomt seiler vår jord mot en ukjent havn.

Ingen kan måle vår fremtid, og ingen kan gi den navn.

Men dette vet vi, at vi er med på å skape

det evige livet, skape det ondt eller godt.

Vi vil ikke miste den ilden vi engang har fått.

Mange var veiene. Det bar galt avsted.

Styrken ble makt og makten vold.

Og mennesker trampet hverandre ned.

Men alltid var drømmene den ytterste virkelig.

Langsomt blir alltid til.

Det haster, det haster. Det kan gå galt igjen.

Hva er det vi vil?

Drømmer og utopier sier de kloke menn,

de som er kalde av hjertet. Hør ikke på dem lenger!

Livet er ikke bare hus og mat og penger.

Vi er bestandig på vei, bestandlig et stykke lenger,

alltid på vei mot menneskehetens seier eller nederlag.

Det haster, det haster idag!

Vær utålodig, menneske! Sett dine egne spor!

Det gjelder vårt evige, korte liv.

Det gjelder vår jord.

Inger Hagerup

I Loved You

I loved you

And my love was stronger than to be

Quite extinct within me yet.

But let it not distress you any longer

I would not have you feel

The least regret.

I loved you bare of hope and expression

By turns of jealously and shyness sore.

I loved you with such purity

Such passion

As God may grant you

To be loved once more

Alexandr Pushkin

Whisper of Angels

I was yours before the first dawn broke

Before the sunlight woke the earth

And I was yours before rain kissed the ground

Before the first one sound was heard

I'll be the whisper of angels

And I'll be the frost on your glass,

And I'll be the shadows at twilight

I'll be your first, your last I'm the rain,

the fire in your veins

Across the desert plains

I ride I'm the ache,

the sound that midnight makes

The streak of sun across the sky

I'll be the whisper of angels

And I'll be the frost on your glass,

And I'll be the shadows at twilight

I'll be your first, your last

Attraction.....Sympathetic resonance

 Some people believe the mind is like a magnet, and what we hold uppermost in our attention we attract to us. In music, this is called the principle of 'sympathetic resonance'. If you have two pianos in the same room and you hit a C note on one piano, you will find that the C string on the other piano starts vibrating at the same rate. In the same way you are always attracting people and circumstances that resonate with your predominant thoughts. Wouldn't it be good to attune your mind to notice how many opportunities there are to become 'wealthier' in any way or form?

You need to begin thinking of yourself as someone who deserves a great life. You must begin by feeling 'rich' with love within for it to manifest outwardly.As you begin to truly see yourself as a wonderful person, you will see the wonders around you grow.

It's a change in your self-image to one of greater confidence and greater harmony so you begin to notice the abundance that surrounds you, and it will greatly enhance your experience of being alive.

Paul McKenna



Extraordinary as it may seem, I have witnessed so many occurences that I have become sceptical about the idea of 'coincidences', and I am willing to consider that althoug I don't know exactly how it works, our minds may actually have the ability to attract events, things or people into our lives.

What you focus on consistently, you get more of in your life.

Paul McKenna

So what would you like to attract into your life at this moment in time?



As you look towards the future, it is your quest to become the creator and the magician you were born to be. One of the keys to 'magical freedom' is to take chances and rare opportunities by the hand, which will lead you into new adventures beyond your current realm of understanding. In short, you must move beyond the limitations and fears which currently hold you in a locked pattern, not allowing you to experience the magic of your true self. It is time time to break out and brainstorm; to research new concepts and to begin new and groundbreaking creative ventures, which, although you may not always know what is ahead, your willingness and determination to take each step will lead you into the greatness of manifesting your full potential.

Be brave, be inspired and be unlimited!