Do Your Best And You'll Win

Today's Empowering Quote

"Players fifty years ago wanted to win just as much as
players today. Foot soldiers 1,000 years ago wanted to win
the battle as much as combat troops today. The difference
is that everybody worries about it more today because of
the media and the attention they give to the question of
who's winning and who's losing. Those are the wrong
questions. The correct question is: Did I make my best
effort? That's what matters. The rest of it just gets in
the way."
-John Wooden (10 NCAA basketball championships in 12 yrs)

Today's Empowering Question

"Is my focus on winning and losing or on doing my best?"

Today's Fast Session

I expect that most people reading that quote would
disagree with Mr. Wooden initially. Why? Because so many
people play "Lotto," cheat on their spouses, lie on their
resumes, cook the books to make the stock price higher...
all to try to short-cut the system.

John Wooden never talked to his teams about winning...
only about doing their best.

And when you do your best, you often become THE best.
Why? Because hardly anyone else is doing THEIR best.

I noticed that in my business career. I've risen to the
top of four different industries now because I focus on
doing the best job that I can possibly do.

To have one eye over your shoulder worried about things
outside of your control does only one thing... it makes it
impossible for you to do your best. With one eye off the
road, you are going to crash sooner or later. Usually

My grandfather used an analogy with me to help me keep my
mind where it should be. Of course I didn't do what he
said to do for a long time, but here's what he told me. He
said that no matter what I am doing, think of myself as on
the top of a ball - balancing. I had to focus only on what
I was doing or I'd fall off the ball. If I took my
attention away from the ball, I was going to fall off.

Throughout this last season in the NBA, I watched all the
team's statistics concerning their wins on "the road,"
games played in the opposing team's home field.

And I thought it was absolutely fascinating that, at the
end of the season, out of 29 professional teams, only 5 had
winning records on the road.

One of the main problems? The opposing fans rooting for
the home team...

Interesting to note that of those same teams, 21 out of 29
had winning records in home games.

So when the game is on the line and that multi-millionaire
superstar is taking a critical shot in the fourth quarter,
chances are better that he'll make it at home but miss it
on the road. Why? Because most of them aren't completely
focusing on their task. Instead of the basket, they're
thinking about the guy in the 4th row.

"Home field advantage" is at play in everyone's lives
every day.

You see, when John Wooden was coaching in college, half of
all their games were "away" games, but there was a period
toward the end of his career where his teams won 88 games
in a row. Nearly 4 full years without losing a single game.

You see, his players weren't thinking about winning -only
of doing their best... every minute. Every play.

They were like machines programmed to do their job. If
they were focusing on their job, the crowd couldn't affect

It sure helps to have a coach like that, but in life, you
usually have to be your own coach. You simply can't rely
on someone else to pump you up when you need it. Because
quite often they'll let you down. You'll want some pep
talk, and the person you call to make you feel better isn't
there, or they aren't in a peppy mood themselves.

Bottom line is, you've got to control your own moods.
That's why I always have some kind of book with great
thoughts near by, why I always have a tape playing in the
car and why I always have a Think Right Now! CD playing
throughout the night.

The world is a giant ball. Turning, turning, turning.

When we don't focus on where we're going, we fall.

The "crowds" are often hostile, but if we just pay
attention to what we can do, to what our little job is and
do it to the best of our ability, quite often we will come
out on top.

Will you win awards right out of the shoot? Probably not.

Will you make a million in a year or two? Not likely.

Will you meet Mr. or Miss Right tonight? Does it really

A better question is: With a different focus, will you get
better at whatever it is that you're doing? In fact, will
you quickly get better at nearly everything you do?


Will you feel great about yourself as you are doing your

Yup... IF you pay attention to how you succeeded so you
can repeat it, and IF you aren't worried about someone
else's performance or what anyone says about you.

You see, all of life is a game. Whether you are in front
of crowds or all alone, you will act based on what you are
thinking about - on what you are paying attention to.

Do you think Tiger Woods routinely steps up to the ball
thinking, "I'm going to hook this one. It's going in the

Not a chance.

Now, there is a chance it may go in the trees, but that is
not where his focus is. And that is why it usually ends up

Every top performer in every field of endeavor focuses
constantly on what they should be doing right now to get
their desired outcome.

To allow others to control your focus, to lose sight of
your goals for seconds, then minutes, then hours will cause
you to fall down constantly.

Control your focus and you will be in control of your
emotions, your actions and your life.

What if you had the same minute-by-minute thoughts as the
super successful? Mike Brescia has developed the ultimate
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I love you all!!!


Today's Empowering Beliefs To
Help Control Your Thoughts

If you want to change your life fast, even though it might
seem like it's slow, then take the statements below, put
them on index cards and read them 3 times/day. Morning,
noon and just before you close your eyes at night.

They'll seep into your consciousness. And since you'll be
saying them so often, you'll soon begin to believe them.
That's how most beliefs start. Spaced repetition of thought.
Your attitudes will then positively change your emotions,
and you'll be compelled to do more... And you'll love it.

If you own Think Right Now for Windows, just paste them
into the appropriate file or make a new one -AND read them
three times per day. Think Right Now For Windows will help
put this re-scripting in overdrive.


-- I'm controlling my moods today
-- The only person who controls my focus is me
-- I'm doing my best today
-- No matter what I'm doing, I'm paying close attention

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