The 5 Secrets to Creating Deeper Intimacy

Creating an empowering, loving and fulfilling relationship with
someone is one of the most amazing things we can learn as human
beings. Our experience of this world is deeply defined by the
relationships we have or don't have with other people. If you knew
the greatest secrets to manifesting an amazingly intimate
relationship this week, would you use it? Well this is your chance to
transform your connection with others. For whatever you put your
attention on expands and grows, so why not focus on what will bring
you more love and intimacy? Anytime you think that you cannot be
intimate or that other people are not allowing you to be more
intimate, you are focusing on what you don't want and attracting more
of that to you. Realize one thing; that the Universe is ready for you
to be intimate with it right now! Every moment contains this
opportunity for a deeper connection with it, and this intimacy can be
actualized in your physical relationships. When you realize this and
start applying it, you have just become even more enlightened and

The world is your mirror, and relationships you have are your
reflections in it. If you are diving inside to truly know yourself
and being more intimate with yourself each day, others will start
OPENING to you and reveal themselves more intimately with you. Know
that you can create some form of intimacy with EVERYONE you meet just
by being open. Revealing yourself is how you get others to reveal
themselves. Once you do this you will have amazingly successful
relationships with everyone.

Intimate relationships are the ULTIMATE teachers, especially the ones
you let in to see and feel your soul. In intimacy (into-me-you-see)
you are revealing your deepest truth inside your heart. Your soul
learns sooo much by revealing itself on these deeper levels and will
grow exponentially. Sure intimacy in the beginning can feel
uncomfortable and exposing because it forces you to release your
story, game and typical automated response to the world. Intimacy
forces you to be REAL! You are pulled out of your safe velvety rut
and are stepping onto the true playing field of life again.

Like everything in life, intimacy contains both negative and positive
aspects depending what you choose to focus on. Sharing your heart
with another can be one of the most blissful experiences on the
planet, or the most scary and vulnerable. Yet, if you continue to
choose opening, being real, and honest, you can only experience
freedom and immense growth from it. This is the freedom from your
typical suffering where you hide and play small because you don't
want to hurt them. It's time to truly be free! Here are 5 amazing
secrets that will profoundly deepen your intimacy with others and
help you manifest more amazing relationships...enjoy!

1. Reveal yourself without hesitation. Be as raw and real as possible
with every human you come in contact with.

2. Be radically honest. Speak what is most true in your heart, and
say that which makes your heart open, expand and relax.

3. Drop being responsible for their reaction. Feel what you are
feeling, and choose those feelings which bring you more connection
and inner peace.

4. Constantly send messages of acceptance, appreciation, and approval
to others as they are. Always be a voice of love for the world.

5. Look for yourself in the reflection of this relationship "mirror".
Know that whatever triggers you is not about them, it's about YOU!

You can naturally and effortlessly make the commitment today to be
more intimate, just because it FEELS good! When you actively practice
these five secrets you will see your relationships start to blossom
and have the fragrance of a million rose gardens. We know that you
will be astonished at how quickly ANY relationship can be
transformed, (no matter how many years it's been stagnant) with these
5 secrets. It doesn't matter if it's your spouse, friend, or boss,
intimacy can be found when these five truths are followed every day.

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Sending many intimate moments to you,
Jafree & Margot


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