Manifesting 6

Sometimes the only way to see the light - to hear the truth
from your own soul - is to first embrace the darkest parts
of your being.

If you want to start lighting some candles, inside you, that
you didn't even know were sitting dormant in the dark, you
must connect with this special "secret force" inside you,
that is always guiding you to live from this place of joy.

You might have to face, accept, and take responsibility for
your past ego-centered ACTIONS and current FEARS; however,
doing it is well worth the rewards.

Meditation is the key to finding your secret force.

As Deepak Chopra once said, "Meditation is not about
mind-control, affirmations, chanting some mantra, channeling
some wild experience, or concentrating on some candle flame
for hours. It's an expansive mind-blowing playful inner
experience of an alert witnessing consciousness. It happens
through inner stillness, & silence only. These are the
passage-ways that open the doors to this infinite inner
world within."


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