Eliminate The Negative

"Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

Over the years, I have worked with any number of struggling actors and musicians who resented the rich and famous while simultaneously striving to join their ranks.

The problem with that is simple: It's difficult to become something if you hate it. Your unconscious mind craves consistency  and if you keep telling it that all naturally thin people are bad in some way, it will do whatever it can to not let you become one of them.

There is something miraculously freeing about celebrating the success of others, even those people we don't particularly like.

Try it as an experiment for the next few days. Whenever you hear about someone doing well, think something congratulatory. Bless their success instead of cursing it.

Shortly this will become a new habit and you will become a more positive person. And as you begin to wish the best for those who are thinner than you, your unconscious mind will begin to make you more like them!

Paul McKenna


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