The True Secret


What if you found out today that all that is missing from your life is the expression of the love in your heart? Rather than focusing on your list of wants, that time could be better spent each day looking at how you can take down the barriers to receiving more love and compassion. The outer world is so seductive; the illusion of happiness from external successes, so powerful. So if you find yourself in "the wanting" of outer things, remember this: When you are hating where you are in your life, mad at yourself for the mistakes you've made, resentful of others for the pain of your past, and when you are a major complaint about your body, your weight, your job, your finances, your family, or your mate, you attract all kinds of expressions of that discontent. When you fail to acknowledge your strides, your successes, your gifts, your uniqueness, and how blessed you are just to be alive today, how can you expect to attain your goals or create a life beyond your wildest dreams?


The process of falling in love with yourself is often a long and arduous journey. But as that love grows, what naturally occurs is the manifestation of the highest expression of yourself. So make peace with your past, forgive yourself, be present to the love in your heart, and then pick projects, goals, and relationships that are a massive expression of your love. If like really does attract like, this is a guaranteed recipe for success!


For months now, my amazing staff and I have been building a new website (soon to be launched) that is overflowing with the passion we feel for transformation - it is filled with recorded prayers, meditations, and affirmations that you'll be able to listen to any time you need some inspiration, and it is infused with enormous community support through our Integrative Coaches, message boards, telecourses, workshops, and more. And I can tell you that because this project was birthed out of the love in our hearts, it will be one of the great successes of our lives. It is in the moments of deep and profound love for ourselves, each other, and our work that we are able to create, create, and create some more.


For any one of us, when our acts of creation are led by the intention to spread love, that is a miraculous and healing journey in and of itself. And since it all begins at home, you might want to start this week by spreading more love and acceptance to yourself for where you are, what you have, and most importantly...for what you don't have.


THIS is the true secret to success.


Take Action Now!

Take out your journal or a few pieces of paper and allow yourself to hear from within the answers to the following questions:


What would you have to love about yourself to experience an explosion of creativity?


What would you have to forgive yourself for to feel worthy and deserving enough to attain your goals or fulfill your deepest wishes?


What attention do you have on the outer world than needs to be redirected to your inner world in order to make your dreams a reality?


May these questions serve you well this week in bringing you closer to yourself.


With love and blessings,


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