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I draw a circle of peace. I give my peaceful energy to
places on the planet calling for harmony.


This affirmation embodies the idea of Targets for Love and
Peace that many of you have been working with throughout this
month. Any place that is in disharmony is calling for
harmony; any part in pain is calling for relief; any person
who is living in ignorance is calling for enlightenment.
Newspapers and news broadcasts help you to identify which
people, places, things, and ideas are calling for love and
light and peace. Your own personal experiences also give
you clues for targets. Draw a circle around each target and
all targets, and then fill the circles with peaceful energy.
When you identify your targets, you clear yourself of anger,
resentment, judgment, remorse, disdain, or pity. The
targets probably already have plenty of these energies!
Instead, give them your attention with Peace; give them your
attention with Love.

Around what do you draw a circle today? Perhaps you create
a circle around yourself or a part of your physical body or
your community or the whole world. You have permission to
be selfish or selfless, whatever feels appropriate for you
right now. Envisioning peace in a circle ANY place on the
planet enhances your own awareness of peace. And remember,
you need not limit yourself to only one circle; circles of
peace are unlimited. With your intention high, you make a
positive difference.

As we come to the last days of this month, be certain to
submit a target on any August message on the DailyAffirm
Blog, if you wish to participate
in this Project. It is a helpful way to ACT on peace.

Target: Abundance and Abundance Consciousness
Intention: We hold a vision of enLIGHTenment flowing into
the consciousness of everyone on the planet, creating the
REALization that there is more than enough for all, and
manifesting the TRUTH of abundance.


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