Hope is the expectation that our personal intentions will be in alignment with the cosmic mind. Although the universe moves in an evolutionary direction, the line is rarely straight, and therefore there will be times when we wonder if our needs will be met. It’s in these moments that hope carries us across the chasm.

Personally, I invest more in faith than hope. I have faith that however the world unfolds, there will be new opportunities for expansion of wisdom and compassion. The world of form and phenomena brings its inevitable ups and downs. Although at times we may wish that we had total control over outcome, uncertainty is the cauldron of creativity.

Practice mindfulness in action. Witness your intentions. Notice how your intentions drive your choices and actions. As your choices generate experiences, become aware of the discriminating aspect of your mind that judges the experience as desirable or undesirable. Notice that as soon as you fulfill one intention, another spontaneously arises and the cycle continues.

Become aware of the silent witness to your intentions, choices, experiences and judgments. Cultivating the ever present witness as your internal reference enables you to immerse yourself in a state of being that is inherently peaceful and content, regardless of whether or not your intentions are being fulfilled at the rate you would like. From this place of inner peace, you simultaneously empower your choices while remaining detached from the outcome.

This is a good time to become clear on your intentions for the year. According to the Vedas, “purity of thought and fixity of purpose” are the keys to life of fulfillment. Consider what you would like to see manifest in your life. Envision how your world would change if you were able to translate your intention into conscious choices. Then, make a commitment to take the first step along the path to fulfillment. Have faith that the universe will help organize your intentions and hope that the consequences of your intentions will bring peace, happiness, love, and meaning to you and all those affected by your choices.



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