Hope is the bold vision that inspires us and the vital energy that encourages growth. Hope is the presence of divine love so sweetly nestled in each of our souls. Hope is the sure and steadfast anchor of each wish. Hope is the power to quest for things that have yet to become. Hope is alive before it is even conceived – it is the deepest connection to the manifest because it nurtures the outcome without requiring attachment – it is the benign detached engine of creativity; the fountain of what can be, and the blossoming vibration of every heart.

In the first month of the year, hope is most robust in each of us. The next 350 days are hopefully laid out before us in our mind’s eye as we would like them to be - every moment of the coming year capable of being whatever we dream or whisper into the unknown. This is the season where we’ve made our commitments to health, emotional freedom, compassion, authenticity, wholeness, love, truth, peace, and self. And then with hope as the heartbeat, we begin to live these contracts we’ve made between our body, mind, and soul.



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