Manifesting 3.

Spirituality, psychology and quantum physics have, for years,
been telling us the same thing (but, often, we have refused
to listen) …

That, like the Beatles song 'I am He and He is me, and you
are we and we are all together', we're all one, inextricably
connected (bottom line: separation does not exist) and that
if we'd start viewing ourselves as perfect spiritual beings,
with free will, we can easily and quickly manifest joy and
abundance in our lives (that's what Jesus was trying to get
across when he stated that "The Kingdom of God is within you").

Whatever you need to DO to understand this IDEA - whether
its intense soul-searching, meditation, life study, mentorship
or finally having a real mind-orgasm like moment(those rare
moments, in a state of detachment, where you experience
higher awareness -- your divinity guiding you) - DO try and
come to terms with the fact that 'God' and 'Love' are indeed

We know this Tip will spur on some controversial feedback
(oh well, that's what makes life interesting); however, once
you get past the idea that God is some personality -- some
ever-in-charge male being that is standing in some specific
spot in creation -- personal growth became much, much easier.

Through meditation/prayer, ask God who He/She is and the answer
you get is "I Am That I Am." Ask God (All-That-Is) what He/She
wants for you, and you basically get, "to constantly increase
your conscious awareness and experience your deepest
joy-seeking desires."


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