Make this a rewarding day!


I act with balance in my heart. I speak with balance on my
lips. I walk with balance in my feet.


Several primary channels and methods for acting and/or
claiming balance are represented in today's affirmation.
The heart represents our feelings; the lips represent our
expression; the feet represent physical movement. Here is a
personal flashback to many years ago when I had a job (now I
don't have a job, I have a business). One of my co-workers,
a physically strong man, was asked to put shelving together
in our new offices -- we were trainers and consultants, we
did everything! Boldly, he put together the shelving -- you
know the kind, institutional dark gray metal with four
little plastic thingies to position each shelf. He had
moved from the bottom to the top, carefully putting each
shelf in place measured by the one below, when I caught a
glimpse of his efforts: the left end of the shelf was higher
than the right by one peg length. He had worked hard, yet
his results were out of balance. We had a good laugh.

Perhaps you need to laugh about something in your life that
is out of balance. If you act with imbalance or instability,
what happens? If you speak when you are out of sorts, what
happens? If you walk when you are shaken or dizzy, what
happens? If you do not like the answers to these questions,
then balance yourself. Act with clarity. Speak with
evenness. Walk with effortlessness. You do not need to
wait for ANYthing. Do it now. In the meantime, laugh at
the out-of-balance aspects in your life and, if needed, move
a few thingies.

Often I mention articles posted at my Web Site that are
related to the daily affirmations. Today I want to list
titles that I do NOT mention regularly.

"Centering: Purpose and Phrases for a Group"
"Creating and Manifesting: A Guided Meditation"
"Laughter, Play, Fun, Joy, Happiness"
"To Dance with Jim His Last Dance"
"Preferred Methods of Dying"
"Transgenerational Healing: Clearing the Past for the Present"

Sent in the consciousness of Balance by Marshall House
and publisher of "Affirmations: A Pathway to Transformation."
By Jeanie Marshall, Copyright 1994-2006 Marshall House
Marshall House, 1223 Wilshire Boulevard, #300
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