Make this a courageous week-plus!

Greetings on the 4th week of October with the theme of Freedom. During this fourth week we focus on Acting/Claiming Affirmations, and the last days of the month we focus on Integrating/Embodying Affirmations.

 It is natural to associate freedom (or lack of freedom) with actions -- our own and others'. You can measure your level of freedom or your perception of your level of freedom by the things you do and say. During this week, you have the opportunity to decide what actions to take so that you can claim your freedom. These can be little acts, tiny steps; or these can be bigger acts, stronger steps. You do not need to push beyond your comfort level OR you may decide that the encouragement of this week's affirmations allows you to be courageous beyond your imagination. Act in the name of pure freedom. Act in the consciousness of freedom.

ABOUT YOUR PROCESS What is the one act that symbolizes freedom for you? Perhaps it is an act that you see portrayed in a film or acted out by a neighbor or demonstrated by a friend. Perhaps it is an act you have hoped you will someday have the courage to take. Perhaps you consider it big; perhaps, little. Perhaps it is not an action in the conventional sense of the word. As you identify this act or non-act, also identify a symbol that you can easily remember: a circle or triangle, a flower or tree, a name or face, a phrase or word, a sound or song. Experience this symbol as you reflect on the act of freedom. Any time you feel restricted or limited, connect with the symbol and feel freedom come into your consciousness.

ABOUT THE AFFIRMATIONS If I were to select the definitive affirmation for the week to represent being and intending for freedom, I would choose the affirmation for October 23: "I act with freedom in my heart. I speak with freedom on my lips. I walk with freedom in my feet." For me, this affirmation demands alignment on all levels, especially heart, speech, and actions. Following are all seven affirmations. Select one to focus on for the week or use a different affirmation each day or some combination. You will receive each of these affirmations on the appropriate days with additional information and suggestions. Make your process work for you.
October 22: Freedom energizes my actions. I step out in freedom.
October 23: I act with freedom in my heart. I speak with freedom on my lips. I walk with freedom in my feet. October 24: I claim my freedom. Today, I claim my power.
October 25: I manifest all things in association with freedom. I am the creator of my experiences.
October 26: I draw a circle of freedom around me. I fill the circle with love and light.
October 27: I let every act be an act of freedom.
October 28: I act with purposeful awareness of freedom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
ABOUT INTEGRATING/EMBODYING AFFIRMATIONS and FREEDOM These affirmations help you to take time to incorporate the energy and concepts of freedom into your life. Reflect upon, meditate with, and sort out ideas about freedom. Those ideas that fit, keep and embody. Those ideas that do not fit, reject or put aside knowing they will return if needed at a later time. Exercise your free will in all parts of your life, including this DailyAffirm Process. ABOUT YOUR PROCESS As you reflect upon the last four weeks, what did you find the most meaningful? In addition to learning about freedom, what else have you learned? What do you want to release? What do you want to keep? What more do you wish to know about freedom? How can you experience what you desire to  know? Here are the affirmations for the remaining days of the month:
October 29: Yes to Freedom!
October 30: I integrate freedom into every aspect of life.
October 31: Today is an opportunity for freedom.
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