Manifesting 1

Understand, and completely get your mind around the FACT,
that you are your own reality-making producer of LIFE
(your own life) whether you like it or not. Whether you
want to claim this self-responsible, all-controlling,
power or not.

The Great LAW: Everything is energy. Even your thoughts
and feelings. What you FOCUS on - with a feeling of harmony
and elation - you bring about. This is the basis for
everything that has happened, is happening, and will
happen in your life.

Believe it and accept it !

The TIP here is to consciously DIRECT your thinking, your
thought-energy into a state of 'vibrational harmony' with
what you want, not into a concentrated stupor with what
you don't want. No exceptions: you can only attract what
you REALLY want when you're in a feel-good state.


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