The Eagles' Broken Wing...

She sat alone, lame, in stillness and silence...
Looking out at a world filled with foggy images.
She saw broken rivers and burned bridges,
Pastel shadowed rainbows and sunsets,
Hazy roses opening and closing, without acknowledgment.
So many gray, hollow, disappointments!
She felt very sad.
Yet she sat proud and strong,
On the highest peak...
At the crest of happiness.
And the clouds and moon caressed her.
And the stars twinkled promise!
She could not remember how she got here,
But she knew she was home.
So she heaved gratitude and curled up reclusive...
And hid her head beneath her broken wing.
She could not fly!
Not until she healed! Would she ever?

She thought about the mountains she had soared over...
The tribulations she had endured.
The dark storms she had traveled through,
Inside clouds packed with failure.
But she still had plundered on to protect her family...
In order to survive.
But oh my, how the fox had tricked her!
And how her feathers were tattered and battered,
And she was broken and alone!
No matter how hard she wished or how hard she tried,
She could not fly... yet she was an eagle strong!
What terrible shame she felt.
She hid her head beneath her broken wing...
And finally she fell asleep!

When she awoke the sun was rising.
She fluttered herself, sighing wearily,
Remembering... she was the eagle mother.
Looking over the horizon, she saw her sons,
Soaring amongst a pink and purple sky.
And her daughters collecting food,
To feed their families.
She saw all was well!
Still she felt anguished!
Could they survive without her?
And how could she survive without them...
With a broken wing?

Crushed and tired, she shook her broken feathers.
Then closing weary eyes, she prayed for courage and strength...
Way beneath her broken spirit.
When the sun rose again, she breathed fresh morning air,
And something wonderful had happened.
Miraculously, she lifted her wings in harmony,
and dove out beyond... into the sunlit horizon.
The time was hers again... she knew it!
She directed all her energy into the pink and purple sky,
Where her sons roared and her daughters collected food,
And where they all belonged!

She rolled amongst the clouds, smiling...
Knowing instinctively how to fly!
She also knew that no matter how bad the wound, everything heals!
And with faith and love, nothing is impossible.
Clasping boldly onto her spirit, she rejoiced,
Then she plunged upwards with joy and frivolity...
And the eagle with the broken wing was no more!

by Donna Andrus

(From the book "Transcendent Beauty- It Begins With A Single Choice...TO BE!"" by Crystal Andrus")


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