It's all meant to be....

Winter forest 
As I sit in the stillness of my office and gaze out my
windows, I am acutely aware of my surroundings.
The sounds of a beautiful New Age CD fills my space
with tranquility and the warmth of my lit candles and
the smell of lavender oil, simmering in the air, remind
me of some exotic spa that I hope to visit very soon.
The aroma of my hot peppermint tea, mingled with
the scent of
arouses my senses and evokes a feeling of health
and wellness within me. Tiny snowflakes being tossed
around, ever so playfully, outside the comfort and
warmth of my
home awaken my awe at the serenity I'm surrounded
by. I am so grateful.

I breathe it in and give thanks for my blessings. My
mind calming, my heart rate slowing, I
close my eyes for a brief moment of nothingness.

All is as it’s meant to be -- All will work out
perfectly, I
realize, as this calmness slides down over my
neck and into my shoulders and chest.

I need to remind myself, more often, that I must slow
down long enough to celebrate these simple joys. I
would by lying if I tried to pretend that I, like most
women, don’t get so caught up in the hustle and
bustle of life that candles, lavender oil, and beautiful
music seems wonderfully romantic to wish for but is
just not a reality and certainly not a necessity. And
yet, the more that I am back coaching so many
women again, I know it is not impractical, or frivolous
at all, for us to do these simple yet immensely
significant acts of self-love. It is absolutely
necessary and should not even be an option in our
busy and stressful lives. These simple acts make all
the difference between surviving and thriving.
Between numbing and knowing!

We, women, are more stressed-out and discontent
than ever before! We are searching for something --
some answer -- some solution -- some meaning
to our
lives. Nevertheless, I truly believe that it is the
searching that may, in fact, be the devious
distracter from us ever attaining. We can get so
busy being busy that we don’t even realize what
we’ve lost in all the chaos -- ourselves.

So, why not carve out a moment today to step away
from all the things you think you should do, and just
become acutely aware of the moment— to just be
totally present, without worry or
thought and just “breathe it in"
and give thanks for what you do have.

Most often just by becoming present in all that you
do, whether that is while washing the dishes or
having a bath, even when driving in traffic, you’ll
discover the perfection in each moment. You, too,
will realize that all is as it’s meant to be and that
everything will work out perfectly.

When you turn off the television, put down the fork,
put the cork back in the wine bottle, and forget
about who’s done what, who you are mad at, and
where you MUST get to, you’ll begin seeing the
beauty that surrounds you. You’ll begin seeing the
beauty within you. Your life will begin to unfold like a
masterpiece and
you’ll see all the living that needs to be done! All the
living that is passing
you by whether you want it to or not.

We all have the "shoulds" that we need to get done,
today I ask you to think about the "coulds" that
would actually make you so much happier, healthier,
and joyous.

I started just by lighting some candles,
simmering some lavender oil, and listening to some
beautiful music. What are you going to do?

In love & light,


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