Angels and Heroes

We are the poets,We are the dreamers
We are the soldiers,We are the screamers
We are the fallen to rise again
We are the lovers,we are the cynics
We are the hours,We are the minutes
We are the friends in the end
So why be alive if you don't follow your every dream?

Reach up to Heaven and stand for what you believe

We don't need wings to be angels
We don't need reasons to be right
Your Love makes us all better
That's who we really are
Angels and Heroes at heart

We are the givers, we are the receivers
We are confessors, we are believers
We are the strange familiar face
We are afraid and so we follow
We're underpaid and so we borrow
We mine for tears, but much too late
So why can't we open our hearts, open our minds?

Forgiving is easy for You will come if we open our eyes

We don't need sleep to be dreamers
We don't need to have tears in our eyes
Your love makes us all better
That's who we really are
Angels and heroes at heart

I know it seems easier to run and hide
And bury your emotions in the dark of the night
But it's worth the fight
Worth the fight

Just aim for the Light


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