Women aren't the same as men....

Women aren't the same as men; everything about us - from our bodies, hormones, and metabolisms, to our wants and needs - is different. We women are intuitive and sensitive, and most often we respond differently to problems and emotional demands. We're also more likely to be caretakers - we're nurturers and are usually responsible for the needs of others. Generally, we do more of the shopping, cleaning, parenting, nursing, chauffeuring, organizing, cooking, dieting, and (I hate to admit it) complaining than men.

In addition, we're the emotional center of the home. When we're happy, our homes are happy; when we aren't, you can be certain our relationships aren't either. We set the tone. Like my philosophical male dentist says, "Men are primitive." Not us women! We're emotionally complicated and hormonal - we're up, we're down; we have good days and bad. We don't need to hear the staggering depression statistics to tell us that we're searching for something more. We know it. We feel it.

By an large, men are pretty simple creatures; what you see is what you get. Men simply do not place the same burden on themselves, or maybe they just believe that looking perfect isn't that important. Wrinkles, gray hair, and cellulite are something we gals fight, while most guys view themselves as in better shape than they actually are. When we see an older man who's gained 30 pounds, we often say, "Boy, he must be living the good life now," but when woman does, the common sentiment is, "She's really let herself go!"

We women are so hard on ourselves and each other, and unless we've done some serious soul-searching, we're extremely competitive and far too critical. We see ourselves through extremely scrutinizing eyes, and think the world does, too.

to be continued..... comments appreciated!


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