A Heart Of Gold

One day, a young man stopped in a big city and started telling people that he had the most beautiful heart around there. After a short while, people gathered around him, admiring that perfect heart.

Suddenly, an old man approached the crowd.
He said calmly:
"Still, the perfectness of his heart doesn't compare to the beauty of mine".

The people turned to look, even the young man did; it was a strong heart, beating hard.
But it was all marked my scars, places where pieces of it were replaced by others, which didn't match perfectly, and places where there were missing pieces, which had left bleeding wounds.

"How can he say his heart is more beautiful",
wondered the people. The young man told the old man, laughing:
"U must be kidding. My heart is perfect, but yours is a big wound, only tears and pain!"

The old man replied:
 "Yes, yours looks perfect, but i'd never change it with mine.
U see…every scaro n my heart represents a person to whom i gave my love.
I take a piece of my heart and give it to the one beside me, who usually gives me back a piece of his/hers. But they're not measured so sometimes they don't quite match,
but I love all those imperfections, because they remind me of the love i shared.
Sometimes I gave pieces of my heart to people who gave me nothing in return;
those are the bleeding wounds, the holes - sometimes, love is risky.
And even if those wounds bleed and hurt, they remind me of the love I have even for those people;
who knows? Maybe one day they'll come back to me to fill the emptiness with pieces of their hearts.
U see now what's the real beauty of the heart?"

The young man remained quiet, with tears in his eyes.
He approached the old man, took a piece of his heart and gave it to the old man, with shivering hands.
The old man took it, put it into his heart. Then took a piece of his and gave it to the young man.
It wasn't a perfect match, but it was ok. The young man looked at his heart, which was no longer perfect, but was more beautiful than ever, because now it was alive, it had the pulse and love of the old man's heart. They hugged and left…

How sad it is to walk on your life with a perfect heart! Perfect but with no beauty!


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