Dreaming of a New Morning

Another morning
I'm afraid of what we've become
The lack of knowing
if you care...

Another teardrop
sparkles my eyes
I couldn't stand in your way

I know we have said goodby
Isn't it worth a new try?
Nights can get lonely
I know

Dreaming of a new tomorrow
Time can not heal
another heart that's broken
And I couldn't stand the thought
of turning around to face another start

I hear your laugher
The sounds chase the night away
Here on after
in my mind

The tender feelings
Moments of joy
eternal love
should not end
if time is changing the set
could we forgive and forget?

Nights can get lonenly
I know!

Dreaming of a new tomorrow
And how love can heal and mend the parts that are broken
Couse I'm living by the hope
we don't have to
face another start
don't close the door
don't close the door

Tor Endresen


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