In the East people have condemned the body, condemned matter, called
matter "illusory," maya - it does not really exist, it only appears to
exist; it is made of the same stuff as dreams are made of. They denied
the world, and that is the reason for the East remaining poor, sick,
in starvation.

Half of humanity has been accepting the inner world but denying the
outer world. The other half of humanity has been accepting the
material world and denying the inner world. Both are half, and no man
who is half can be contented. You have to be whole: rich in the body,
rich in science; rich in meditation, rich in consciousness. Only a
whole person is a holy person, according to me.

I want Zorba and Buddha to meet together. Zorba alone is hollow. His
dance has not an eternal significance, it is momentary pleasure. Soon
he will be tired of it. Unless you have inexhaustible sources,
available to you from the cosmos itself...unless you become
existential, you cannot become whole. This is my contribution to
humanity: the whole person. This Dionysian character is the very
picture of a whole man, a "Zorba the Buddha" who can drink wine,
dance on the beach and sing in the rain, and at the same time enjoy
the depths of understanding and wisdom that belong to the sage. In
one hand he holds a lotus, showing that he respects and contains
within himself the grace of the feminine. His exposed chest (an open
heart) and relaxed belly show that he is at home with his masculinity
as well, utterly self-contained. The four elements of earth, fire,
water and sky all conjunct at the King of Rainbows who sits atop the
book of the wisdom of life.

If you are a woman, the King of Rainbows brings the support of your
own male energies into your life, a union with the soul mate within.
For a man, this card represents a time of breaking through the
conventional male stereotypes and allowing the fullness of the whole
human being to shine forth. ~by Osho


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