Make this a magnificent week!

Greetings on the 3rd week of September with the theme of
Abundance. During this third week we focus on Being/
Intending Affirmations. Make this a magnificent week!

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Remind yourself of your over-arching intention for abundance.
Deepen or change it, if appropriate.

The affirmations this week open you to understand yourself
and help you to become more fully who you are while you
explore the deeper meaning of abundance and become at peace
with living in abundance. Abundance, as I am using the word
in this process, is spiritual abundance rather than opulence
or excess; abundance is the source and substance from which
things are manifested rather than money or other
manifestations themselves; abundance already exists in
infinite supply rather than a finite thing that is depleted
after it is used. When you focus on "things," you tend to
try to manipulate them; when you focus on the Spirit of
abundance, you become more satisfied with your experiences
in which those "things" that you need and desire come to
you. Abundance is.

During this week, you may find it helpful to write a clear
definition of abundance for yourself. As you write it, if
you find that you are using physical things to describe
abundance, you are not defining abundance. Start again.
Abundance is NOT big houses and fancy cars and money and
jewels. Indeed, when you have money you have a right to
spend it however you wish. But having money is just having
money. Abundance is a spiritual energy FROM WHICH all
things are manifest INCLUDING big houses, money, etc., if
you choose. But do not limit your definition of abundance
to things. Open to a deeper definition as you allow the
meaning to emerge during this week.

If I were to select the definitive affirmation for the week
to represent being and intending for Abundance, it would be
the affirmation for September 16: "I deepen my awareness of
the consciousness of abundance, from which my generous
actions spring." I consider this captures the essence of
this week's affirmations, perhaps even the whole month's
affirmations. It is your human consciousness that you want
to change, to uplift. You will do this differently from
others, and in your own time, yet the essence of the human
journey is to lift upward in consciousness. When you are
able to resonate with the consciousness of abundance, you
know, without doubt or regret or fear, that all your needs
are met.

Following are all seven affirmations. Select one to focus
on for the week or use a different affirmation each day or
some combination. You will receive each of these
affirmations on the appropriate days with additional
information and suggestions. Make your process work for


September 15:
I know that true abundance leads to the highest good for all.

September 16:
I deepen my awareness of the consciousness of abundance,
from which my generous actions spring.

September 17:
High intention operates in the midst of abundance.
Abundance operates in the midst of high intention.

September 18:
My mission is to bring the consciousness of abundance to my

September 19:
I remember abundance. I remember who I Am. I am grateful.

September 20:
I understand the meaning of abundance. I no longer confuse
abundance with money. I appreciate both.

September 21:
Abundance and joy enhance all my thoughts and feelings.


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