Sleep On It

When your emotions get stirred up and work overtime it blocks access to your higher awareness. At times like this do not struggle with your quandaries or situations anymore. Instead step away from the problem completely and literally put your worries to bed. Sleep on your present problems and challenges and while you sleep turn your concerns over to your Higher Self, your angels and guides to resolve for you. Distance from the problem while you slumber and let them work on your challenges from a higher dimension and perspective during the night. Expect your psychic support system on the other side to find solutions for you and place them directly into your subconscious mind to be accessed the minute you wake up or shortly thereafter. Fully surrendering your problems over to higher forces in the Universe while you sleep is practical six sensory living. Your guides love to work on your behalf and will offer better solutions than you could ever dream of without their assistance. And you will dream of them. Conrad Hilton, the famous hotelier, as well as Walt Disney regularly put their troubles to bed, and slept for psychic guidance. Some of their greatest inventions and ideas came to them in their sleep. As you sleep instructs your higher self to open up to your angels and guides and work to find solutions and answers to your troubles. Direct your guides to place answers and solutions into your subconscious mind for conscious access in the morning while you give your emotions a well needed break. Then relax and grab a pillow. Sweet dreams.


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