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I accept abundance in all aspects of my life. I shift my
attention from visible means of support to invisible means
of support.


Perhaps you say "Oh, yes, of course, I accept abundance (or
whatever)" and then the moment it shows up, you refuse,
resist, or miss it. You may not intend to, but your actions
or words or feelings are such that you cannot connect with
the manifestation of your heart's desires. It is easy to
have an idea in your head, for example, the idea to be free
or to love unconditionally or to live in abundance, yet be
challenged when trying to apply the idea to your everyday

In this society, there tends to be an over-emphasis on the
visible and under-emphasis on the invisible. If you believe
too much in the form, in the proof, in the facts, in history,
in time, when true abundance shows up, you may miss it
because it looks different from what you expected. All
manifestations in the visible world are created from the
invisible. When you stop trying to manipulate the visible
and trust the Infinite Invisible Source, everything in the
visible changes! The visible changes because your
consciousness changes, not because of tinkering with the

Today's affirmation reminds you to trust the invisible means
of support because that is the source of abundance. What
does it mean to you to trust the invisible means of support?
After considering your response to this question in a
general way, consider it also in a more specific way. That
is, get a feeling about trusting the invisible means of
support and then identify a specific situation in your life
in which you could use more awareness of the support from
Spirit, more awareness of abundance. Accept abundance into
that aspect of your life and then trust it when it shows up!

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