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Abundance, you are my friend. I have said goodbye to lack.


When you have said goodbye to someone or something, it might
come back to say "hello" again. This can be a pleasant
experience or not. So, say "goodbye" to Lack for good (get
it?). You do not lift in consciousness by being brutal to
that which you formerly revered or believed in, so be gentle
with Lack and with yourself as you say goodbye. Open a space
created by Lack's absence so that Abundance can show up in
your life as a presence, as a constant friend. You must be
vigilant, though, because Lack has been familiar and
ubiquitous. When you begin to experience Abundance you must
be careful not to worry or doubt or wonder if it is "too
good to be true" because these are engraved invitations for
lack to pay a visit.

If Lack creeps back into your consciousness, deal with it in
the most effective and efficient way you know how. Or even
in an ineffective or inefficient way. Remember, you really
do not have to do this well, just do it! Explain the rules
to Lack. For example, you might say, "Go away, Lack, I have
finished my relationship with you." Or you may say, "OK,
you may stay, but just for two minutes. I have a date with
Abundance." Here are some indicators of ways you might be
entertaining Lack.

You invite Lack to visit when you
(1) Focus on how difficult a situation is or appears to be,
(2) Argue for limitations,
(3) Feel low self esteem,
(4) Criticize yourself; criticize others,
(5) Compare yourself to others and judge that one is better
than the other,
(6) Give your attention to what you do not want.
So, are you ready to say goodbye to lack for good?

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