Admit the Truth

We've all had bad things happen to us. And, being the complex humans that we are, we often compound our suffering by pushing away, denying the importance of, and rejecting people and experiences that have been important to us. But there is another way and what it requires are open eyes, an open mind, and -- ultimately -- an open heart.

We have to open up to the whole -- the all-encompassing pain and beauty -- and see how we can use that perspective to learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. We must find the gifts and take responsibility. There's no other option unless we want to be filled with anguish and misery and diminished by our losses.

When we end a relationship, why do we find it so difficult to reach inside of ourselves and contact the love that brought us together with that person in the first place? It's so human to cut ourselves off. Why do we have to destroy something in order to create something else? Although we are a part of nature, we're different than a forest of trees. We don't have to have a blazing fire to generate new growth. Look at how many people cheat on their partner or spouse rather than say what's true, that they're ready to move on. Think about how people will sabotage a job rather than quit or stockpile toxic resentments rather than tell the truth about what they need and want.

Rather than allowing unexpressed emotions to wreak havoc and force everyone around us to deal with the truth through distress and heartache, we can take the high road. And we can travel in the direction of integrity and honesty.

Integrity is being able to admit what's true. When we're being in integrity, we're honoring the whole. We're not just looking through our own upsets, pain, and the ego needs that haven't been met. When we're looking through the eyes of the divine whole, we're able to see the perfection. That's being in integrity rather than justifying, twisting, and making wrong.

When we can see the whole, we don't need to wish our past out of existence. We're able to simultaneously admit to what we've lost and what we have gained. However, when we reject people and invalidate circumstances as a way to move on, we pay a high price.

To deny what has been important to us in the past is to not see it for the spiritual gift that it is. There is a gift. And it's our job to find it. And how we'll know that we've found it is that we'll bless it. We'll honor its existence. And regarding the people involved in helping us to find that gift -- a lover, boss, friend, employee, child, parent, or partner -- we will wish them well.

At a deep level, the emotional freedom that comes with that acknowledgment and honoring is the most
extraordinary bonus gift imaginable.

Transformational Action Step

Really look and see, who or what are you making wrong right now and why are you making them wrong? What are pushing away and denying? Take the time to explore your motivations, see what new choices you can make, and make a list of all that you're grateful for about that person or situation.

With love and blessings,


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