Here's your challenge:

"Attack every day with a ferocious desire to
end it a better person than you were when
you got up. Create the mindset to live life
more fully than you have in the past. Decide
right now that simply because the herd settles
for mediocrity, appeasement, and existence,
you will challenge your self to do, have, and
become more.

"Set aside 30 minutes each morning for personal
growth time and make this a sacred practice.
Don't make excuses about how early you work,
the kids you have to get ready for school, the
dog you have to walk, the breakfast you have
to prepare, or the person you are a caretaker for.

"These things simply make this selfish personal
development time all the more imperative. Start
each day doing something that nurtures your mind,
body or soul. Or all three.

"Then go forth in each day and seek out challenge,
evolution, and exploration. Make a difference to
those around you, but most importantly, make a
difference for yourself!"


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