How to Be Free From Survival Mode

Written by Margot Zaher and Jafree Ozwald

"Go confidently in the direction of your Dreams. Live the life you've
imagined!" ~ Henry David Thoreau

You are the creator of your world. You are the one who has manifested
everything in your life and will continue to manifest everything you
experience in the future. So you might be asking yourself, "Why
haven't I manifested only that which I want?" One of the reasons is
that your mind is caught in the habit of focusing on what it doesn't
want and feeling disconnected from its divine infinite nature. The
most common block to manifesting is dwelling on what you "don't want"
in your life. This habitual feeling is all based on the need for
survival. From the moment we were born, our mind was programmed to
survive. This was the most important thing at birth. As we grew up we
saw people in survival mode, working long hours to make enough money
for food, clothing, and shelter. We bought into the fear-based
program and started living from it. Years went by and an ironic thing
occurred. The more the mind continued to focus on survival, the more
it felt it could never do or have enough to truly rest and stop
trying to survive.

Even when your primary physical needs are already met you will notice
the mind obsesses about surviving. Since your mind has already been
programmed with this over-exaggerated survival reflex, it will
continue to look for better ways to ensure your future is safe. The
only way it can discover freedom from this survival addiction is to
know that no matter what happens, YOU will always be O.K. This
realization occurs when you discover who you truly are is a soul that
never dies. Relaxing into this realization and the essence of your
being is the key to uplifting your consciousness beyond survival
mode. Deep down you know that Universe will provide for you, it does
for all the animals everyday throughout this world, and it will take
care of every need you have too.

"Awakening to the truth is a deep realization of what you are as an
experience. What is it that is listening? What is it that is feeling?
Feel it. Sense it. Welcome it." ~ Adyashanti

When you are living everyday in a habitual cave of survival
consciousness, you are buying into the biggest cosmic joke in the
Universe. You are pretending to be a beggar when in reality you are
not just an affluent king, but The Creator and divine manifestor of
everything in your world. It is as if you were desperate to find a
few gold coins on the street when beneath your property at home is an
entire goldmine! The truth is that you have just temporarily
forgotten that YOU are this goldmine, this vast richness that never
dies, and were only distracted by the idea of a few small shiny
coins. The good news is that you can shift your focus back to that
which will unlock this richness inside you. You have the ability to
consciously live free from fear and KNOW that you can create whatever
you want. Every choice you make right now is an opportunity to go
deeper, and truly sink into this relaxed confident being who is free
from fear. This moment now is your chance to KNOW you are capable of
manifesting ANYTHING your heart desires.

"Whatever the conscious mind thinks and believes, the subconscious
identically creates." ~ Brian Adams

When you surrender to fully embracing your most basic spiritual
essence inside, you see that you already are a powerful conscious
creator of your world. No matter what happens in your outer world you
KNOW you will be attracting the most divine outcome possible. Your
outer world is simply a reflection of the consciousness within. It
mirrors back where you are on your path and what depth of
understanding of your Self you have tended to embody up to this
moment. Once you shift your state of consciousness towards KNOWING
you are the conscious creator, creativity and creation, your outer
world will hold you in the highest vibration possible. Then you will
experience an entire new level of love, abundance, energy and
prosperity in your life. So, to stop focusing on surviving in this
world, start looking at who is it that thinks he/she is not eternal.
What is the big risk that an infinite divine soul has in this world?
None. What experience isn't worth the risk in taking? None. As an
infinite being, you are free from the seemingly negative outcomes of
risks. Trust your heart. Take risks! This will blast you FAR away
from survival mentality. You know which risks will make your heart
sing. Do them! The worst thing you can do in this life is not take
risks. So start today. Focus ONLY on what you want to consciously
manifest and go do it.

Here are 3 powerful techniques to support you into fully embodying
that powerful creator that you already are, and will always be.

1. Become Aware of Habitual Survival Thinking.
The more you notice when you are in Survival Consciousness, the
faster you can shift into Thriving Consciousness. As you go through
your day, notice which thoughts and actions come from a place of
surviving and fear. One of the most common places in your life where
you may be plagued by survival thinking is in the area of your
career. You may view your career as a way of surviving instead of as
an avenue for thriving and consciously manifest whatever you do
desire. You may say to yourself, "I have to go to work today so that
I can pay the mortgage" instead of "I get to use my mind and my
creativity to conscious create more abundance in my life." Take out a
piece of paper and just for today, write down all of the survival
thoughts that you have and burn them. You will be amazed at how much
of your thinking is released from simply creating more awareness
around this limiting mindset.

2. Bathe in the Awesome Energy of Gratitude.
It is impossible to worry about survival when you are in the healing
energy of gratitude. Gratitude is one of the most powerful and
transformational energies on the planet. Every time you are
spontaneously grateful for how the Universe has blessed you, you send
out a high vibrational energy that starts magnetizing even more
abundance into your life! Whenever you are bathing in the energy of
gratitude, you have FULL access to a deeper knowingness that you are
abundant, loved and free! All thoughts of surviving literally
disappear. Yes, gratitude is the most powerful vehicle that allows
you to tap into your own abundance consciousness and creative energy.
When you embrace gratitude as a way of being you naturally know the
truth of your soul's path and mission, and that you are already
blessed with everything you need. From this place, you then become a
massive magnet for attracting even more success, love, abundance and
divine beings into your life. Whenever you start going into survival
mode, refocus on gratitude and you'll begin feeling more liberated to
receive anything you want in your world.

3. Establish a Firm Realization that You Are a Conscious Creator.
As you go through your day, repeat to yourself one or all of these
statements, "I am a conscious and powerful creator in my world. I'm
always manifesting what I most desire. Everything is perfect in my
world." Just keep chanting this mind-altering mantra slowly. Your
mind-body will eventually be reprogrammed with this truth. It may
take a few days or weeks depending on your ulterior beliefs, yet soon
you will deeply KNOW in your heart of hearts that you are consciously
manifesting whatever you want in each moment. You are truly that

"Keep your face to the Sunshine and you will not see the Shadows."
~Helen Keller

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May you consciously create your dream life this week!
Margot and Jafree


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