The Pursuit of Happiness...

As we head into the first few weeks of spring we can?t help but feel a shift happening?-the days are suddenly longer, the air is fresh and alive, the birds are starting to come home to rebuild their nests, and the warm long hazy days of summer will soon be here. Life unfolds whether we ask it to or not.

?Life,? as described in the movie Jurassic Park, ?will always find a way. We can try to bury it, douse it, or squash it" and yet nothing can take away the unstoppable force of life.

Your life is the same. You can try to bury it, douse it, or squash it (we, unconsciously, do this all the time to ourselves) and yet it, too, will always find a way.

Like the tulips that are beginning to poke their sleepy heads from the cold brown earth, your spirit is in a constant pursuit of happiness ? to blossom and shine its magnificence onto the world. And just as April showers will bring May flowers, you, too, can manifest a miraculous spring and summer, even if your past few months, or even years, have felt stormy and dark.

I coach people from all walks of life?from celebrities, to medical doctors, to stay-at-home moms?to step into their power; to work with what ?is?; and to understand that it is not life that is working against them ... but rather they who are working against life.

The Universal Laws and Principals that govern us?-that govern our ability to feel contentment, success, serenity, achievement, security, and joy?-are the same laws that govern aerodynamics, gravity, and motion. And although it is rocket science, it doesn?t have to be that difficult to apply in your own life. For you are a part of the Universe and you have the perfect innate navigational tools to soar in your own life. You just might need a little help to learn how to use them properly! And although my coaching-system is far more in-depth than just teaching Universal Laws, (I also show you how your core beliefs, childhood experiences, underlying commitments, nutritional deficiencies, energetic resonance, and your "readiness/willingness factor" to change all impact your success), today I want to leave you with a simple yet significant idea that I often share with my own clients:

Most of us focus on the ?means to the end? rather than ?the end?. We focus on the ?things? that we think will make us feel good, i.e. "l want to lose weight, make more money and get a bigger house". We then fall into a daily drive of pushing, trying, forcing, working, comparing, competing, hustling, bustling, resenting, exhausting ... all in the pursuit, we think, of happiness. (What a great movie, by the way!)

And while a great body, money in the bank, and the big house are certainly wonderful, it is really the feeling of confidence, security, and accomplishment that we are after. We think we will feel confident, secure and accomplished if we have a great body, more money and a bigger house. Yet haven't you ever attained "things" but still don't feel happy? Haven't you ever felt like the pressure you've put yourself under to have the "perfect" body, the memories you've missed out on to make more money, and the stress you've created to keep up the big house, all end up making you feel less confident, secure, or accomplished??? So it can't be the "things" we are after. It must be the feeling that we are after ... Feeling confident, secure, and accomplished. Or maybe better said it is the "idea" of what we think we will feel that drives us. We call this the ?end value? and it is different for each of us.

Your end value could be a feeling of adoration, affection and closeness. Or maybe it is excitement, exhilaration and adventure that you are after. It could just as easily and appropriately be a feeling of financial freedom, security, and achievement that lights you up.

I don't know what will make you happy (and no one can ever tell you that!) but what I do know, for certain, is that your "happiness" will only come once you really understand what drives you (is it "soul-driven" or "ego-driven"?), what really matters to you, and then to make daily choices that align with your own personal values (and not the values that someone else believes is right for you). This comes from "thinking from the end" and then having the courage to honor your "end values".

Values are never "right or wrong" ... and they certainly aren't based upon some "moral religious code". Values simply "are." They change throughout our lives as we change. They change throughout our lives as we evolve consciously. They change throughout our lives as our needs change. And, truth be told, only you know what is right for you! Only you know what truly lights you up or spurs you on!

So, today, why not take a few minutes to think from the end? To think about what you are in the pursuit of and see if it really aligns with your spirit -- with what truly lights you up and stirs your soul? An easy way to know if you are on track is to see if you wake up each morning feeling excited, motivated, healthy and energized?

Too many of us say we know what we want but then flip and flop like a fish out of water, without any clear direction or plan. Or even worse, we wake up one day to discover we've been one-track-minded for most of our lives, almost living in auto-pilot mode, doing what we've been told to do or what someone else thought we should do, that we barely recognize the person staring back at us. The reason this happens is that we really never knew what we wanted and we've never taken the time to get quiet enough to ask oursleves. And so instead, we distract ourselves with "things, people, and events", convincing ourselves that they'll will make us happy. They rarely do. Not for the long-term anyway...

Once you know the way you want to to feel it is much easier to figure out what you need to do to get there!! And, it is usually far easier than you think!

Once you know what lights you up -- what MATTERS TO YOU -- take an honest look at your reality through clear lenses and have the courage to make the decision to do whatever it takes to align your choices with your ?oh, so important? personal values. (And never the other way around!)

Think about the top 5 values (FEELINGS) that matter to YOU, right now, in your life. For example,

  • If respect is what you say matters most than respect yourself, and your spirit, beginning right now, and make the decision to align all of your daily choices to respect yourself, no matter how difficult those choices might be and no matter who doesn't agree with it, and then celebrate yourself for honoring yourself.
  • If intimacy and love matters most to you than look at your relationship (if you are in one) and be honest about the ways you've disconnected and then find news ways, today, to re-connect with your mate ... to reach out ... let down your walls ... pour out your love and be open and willing to receive love and intimacy back?(Don?t wait for him/her to give you what you want and need). If you are single then commit yourself today to nourishing yourself with acts of love, tenderness, kindness, and intimacy. Be what it is you want! Treat yourself the way you want to be treated!!
  • If security matters most to you look at your life, right now, to see where you have given away your security or made irresponsible choices, and then step it up now for yourself to make the choice to eliminate the obvious stressors, while seeking out more secure investments, relationships, and situations.
  • If serenity matters most to you than choose right now to create serenity?go for a walk outside, put on soft music, clean up your desk, light a few candles, and make the decision to eliminate the things that add choas, stress, and confusion to your life. Your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world -- so be sure to do the inner work of finding self-acceptance.

Life will find a way, regardless, so why not get back in the driver's seat? Why not listen to the stirrings of your own soul and work with life rather than against it? You do know what you want if you'd take the time to listen. And once you have the courage to honor your wishes you'll feel yourself shift from the pursuit of an illusive quest to a knowingness that you've already arrived. All you have to do is enjoy. It is all about the choices that we make!

Should you need some extra help with this I?m always here!


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