Are You Being In Service?

Message from Divine Source through Barbara Rose - ======================================================================

Greetings Divine Ones,

I am going to ask you a few questions so that you can simply ask
yourself where you stand within your heart and mind, to know whether
you are being in service or in servitude.
Are you fulfilling the joys within your heart or are you struggling to
discover what your joys are?

Are you trying to attain anything outside of yourself to feel better?
Or are you loving the process of all that lies within the attainment?

Are you sacrificing your truth on any level of your life? Or are you
sharing your truth with yourself and all others, regardless of what
others might think, say or do?

Being "in service" means that you are serving from the joys in your
heart because it brings you joy to do so.

Being in servitude means that you are slaving away at a job, a
position, a relationship, or in material accumulation so that you can
somehow feel better from the outside in.

This is what is known as "spiritual slavery."

Spiritual slavery creates martyrs. It creates pain and sacrifice at
the expense of what feels true and good to you in your heart.

"Spiritual Service" means that in all of your words, deeds and
actions, you feel a sense of oneness with God, All of humanity, and
especially a sense of oneness within your own self.

I ask you to ponder the above questions and know without any doubt in
your heart and mind that you are not here in this life to do more, you
are here in this life to share and express more of who you are from

Soon, you may see areas of life on Earth seem to go bad. This is not a
punishment, this is a cause for life renewal. Many times, life renewal
must follow the old structures passing away first, before the new ones
can take their place. So do not ever fear what might seem to be outer
discord. Trust and know for sure that under the Divine Plan for all of
humankind, that the new, better, renewed and vibrant ways of truth for
all shall replace many old and rigid structures that have prevented
truth to emanate for all of humankind in many areas of life on Earth.

To some of you this may seem confusing. To some of you it is what you
already know. To others, you may ask: "What in the world does this

It means that in order for truth to prevail on all levels, what is
false must fall away. So bear in mind that if there are any areas of
your life where you find that a new and brighter way would be your
deepest joy, trust that as the old falls away, it paves the way for
what is truly in your heart to come forward in all areas of your life.

Never stay in a position where you feel that you must in order to be

You are the Divine in physical form. Your sense of oneness can only
come from your heart where you feel at one within your very own being.
So any area of your life where you feel fragmented, torn, not at one
within - this is the area where it would do you well to express the
divinity you hold inside by being honest enough with yourself where
you can finally say: "I AM That I AM" and come to know fully, and
without question, that you are the Divine in physical form.

Be patient with yourself as you grow. Follow what is in your heart and
take one step at a time. With every step you take, know that I am with
you, in you, as you, and guiding you from the depths of your heart and
soul where Divine Source dwells. Once you can feel and embrace your
own Divinity, you will know for sure that you are here for far greater
reasons than you may be currently aware of.

Each step, taken from your heart, combined with your deepest truth,
will always keep you on rock solid ground, where no outer circumstance
can throw you out of your inner equilibrium - for you will always feel
indwelling peace.

Trust in what your heart tells you. This is your truth. And, as you
bring it out into your life, you will be expressing your Divine
nature, and this is your gift of service to humanity.

Enjoy as you go along. Joy from your heart, joy in being, sharing and
expressing your purest truth is the joy of life on Earth.

Enjoy and Be Well.

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