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I allow the energy of abundance to flow through me. I
recognize that giving and receiving are the same.


When you open, you allow. Today, allow the energy of
abundance to come into your life. The recognition that
giving and receiving are the same is a powerful spiritual
concept. Those who resonate with "getting" and "taking," or
who only give grudgingly, or who believe that they have
given too much with nothing in return, might perceive the
sameness of giving and receiving as a strange idea. This
affirmation honors that energy flows freely in many
different directions in the absence of resistance. You must
give with an open heart as surely as you must receive with
an open heart.

Identify something you will give today and something you
will receive today. While the "something" you give need
not be precisely the same as the "something" you receive,
you will find this exercise more helpful if both
"somethings" are either tangible or intangible, pleasant or
unpleasant, desired or undesired, etc. When each of the two
"somethings" is given and received, be a witness to your own
process: How did/do you feel? How would you describe your
consciousness? How aware are you of the energy of abundance
and the energy of the "something"? What are the differences
and similarities of the two experiences? As you witness your
process, try not to be critical of yourself or the process.
Just notice. Open to the experience.

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