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I receive goodness from the Universe. Abundance is


It is interesting to me how often people forget how good the
goodness is, whether the goodness is visible or invisible.
Goodness is everywhere; abundance is everywhere. Sometimes
you have to lift up the dark stuff to notice the goodness
and abundance. You might think of the dark stuff as a tarp
(tarpaulin) or a blanket. With your mind's eye, lift up the
tarp or blanket to reveal the wonder and beauty and abundance.
The dark consciousness that has existed on the planet for a
long time is just a tarp. Many have believed that the tarp
is the truth or the totality because the tarp has done its
job well by covering up the goodness. It is time for us to
realize and accept abundance. Lift up the tarp. Lift up.

Today, whenever you perceive something that appears to you
as pain or confusion or discomfort of any kind, just think
of it as a tarp. And more specifically, think of it as a
tarp that has done its job well and is no longer needed.
Consider if you lay a tarp over your furniture while you
paint the ceiling. Do you continue to live with the tarp
on your furniture after the painting is complete? Of course
not. You lift it up, fold it, and store it for the next
job. It is not helpful for you to get angry at the tarp
because that just makes you feel heavier or more hopeless.
Instead, just lift up the tarp. If you need help, ask those
who know how to lift up this stuff. Better yet, give your
attention to positive aspects that you wish to experience.
Abundance is everywhere. Spirit is everywhere. The Divine
is omnipresent. Joy is ubiquitous.

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