Repeat After Me: "I'm Awesome!"

Today's Empowering Quote

"I began to understand that self-esteem isn't everything;
it's just that there's nothing without it."
-Gloria Steinem

Today's Empowering Question

"What are five things that are good about me?"

Today's Fast Session

A number of years ago, an eastern university conducted a
study on self-image and some of the ways it can affect a
person's actions.

The women in a large neighborhood were targeted for a
direct mailing. Letters were addressed to them. The
letters were kind of a celebration. They were just a
generic "thank you for being so wonderful in all you do"-
type letter. Thanks for being so generous where you're
needed, for being a good Mom, neighbor, wife, employee in a
world where they're being pulled in lots of directions.
"We salute you!"

Hundreds of letters went out... half the women in the neighborhood. The other half
got nothing.

Then, a week later, a national charity (not related or
affiliated with the university that did the study) sent
volunteers into the neighborhood to solicit donations for
their cause.

Can you guess?

The women who received mailings saluting them for their
generosity and other qualities gave over 60% more often,
and when they did give, they donated over 50% more money
than the women who received no mailing.

The conclusion the researchers came to was that the image
they now had of themselves which they had to live up to was
one of being generous with their time, skills and financial

Think about it. Only one letter. And a week later, they
were still glowing in their new self-image.

It must have been one heck of a letter!!

We all WANT to feel good about ourselves. But not many
people, including ourselves, are coming up and telling us
how wonderful we are.

It makes me think of the Budweiser slogan, "For all you
do, this Bud's for you!" Do you think they came up with
that by accident? Heck no. They want us all to feel we
"deserve" to have a Bud, that we're good enough. Keep your
eyes on commercials and how they try to make you feel smart
and then tie that feeling into their products.

So how can you use this interesting study to your benefit?
Glad you asked.

What you need to do is become your own letter writer.

The minority who become the most, enjoy life the most and
who produce the most and get rewarded the most, don't sit
around waiting for other people to tell them how smart,
handsome, polite or what a hard worker they are.

They tell themselves this stuff.

Just before I created my first 3x5 cards and my first
tapes, I was almost dead in every sense of the word. And
within days, I started to feel the feelings and take the
actions that would spin me around and send me in the
direction I'm still moving in today.

Go back and look at previous day's sessions. Check out
those affirming beliefs at the end of each letter.

Make them who you are by reading them at least three times
per day. Choose only 10-15 at a time and stick with the
ones you are reading until they have changed your attitudes
and actions. I promise you they will. If you have gotten
through this whole book, read it consistently, not all in
one day, and still you have not overcome some major
hurdles, I'm going to tell you why.

It's because you've treated this just like all those other
self-help books you have in boxes or sold in your last
garage sale. I'm asking you for 5-10 minutes a day.
That's all it will take.

The only way for you to stop stuffing your mouth full of
junk food, to start that exercise program, to stop any and
all of your bad habits and to program your body's
intelligence to start fighting whatever diseases are
fighting you, is to change the image you have of yourself.
You've got to.

Start today.

You ARE awesome.

Tell that to yourself every single day and it will grow to
be truer every single day.

What if you had the same minute-by-minute thoughts as the
super successful? Mike Brescia has developed the ultimate
mental conditioning programs that can help anyone wipe out
intense fears and enjoy huge successes in all areas of
life. FR~EE details==>
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I love you all!!!


Today's Empowering Beliefs To
Help Control Your Thoughts

If you want to change your life fast, even though it might
seem like it's slow, then take the statements below, put
them on index cards and read them 3 times/day. Morning,
noon and just before you close your eyes at night.

They'll seep into your consciousness. And since you'll be
saying them so often, you'll soon begin to believe them.
That's how most beliefs start. Spaced repetition of thought.
Your attitudes will then positively change your emotions,
and you'll be compelled to do more... And you'll love it.

If you own Think Right Now for Windows, just paste them
into the appropriate file or make a new one -AND read them
three times per day. Think Right Now For Windows will help
put this re-scripting in overdrive.


-- My self-image is that of a winner
-- I am what I need to be when I need to be it
-- I play an important role in the lives of many
-- My energy is growing every day

Share your growth, forward this chapter to a friend!



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