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Swami Kriyananda once said "Physical actions are performed by engaging the
life force on a material level of reality. Spiritual actions are performed
by withdrawing the life force from the physical body."
Since our
consciousness follows the direction of our life force, when our energy flows
outward we identify with material realities. While spiritual practices like
meditation interiorize our life force so we can commune inwardly with

If our awareness is focused too outwardly during the day, we will find
meditating challenging. This is why it is important to keep our energy
centered during our daily duties.

Meditation, as defined by Paramhansa Yogananda, means one-pointed
concentration on God or one of His attributes. During the day, constant use
of techniques like practicing the presence of God, devotion, silence, and
detachment, keeps our consciousness interiorized and makes our whole day a
meditation. Then when it comes time for the formal practice of meditation,
we will find ourselves meditating with greater depth.


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