Make this a quality week!

Greetings on the 2nd week of October with the theme of
Freedom. During this second week we focus on Receiving/
Accepting Affirmations.
Remind yourself of your over-arching intention for freedom.

The purpose of Receiving/Accepting Affirmations is to open yourself for something to be or to happen. They allow you to experience freedom, perhaps in a way you have not done so before. They can also neutralize the misqualification of energy; that is, they can eliminate the bondage of illness, erase the restrictions of limited thinking, and reverse other misuse of energy. In addition, this week's affirmations help shift the attention from disempowering actions such as "getting" or "taking" to more freeing actions such as, "receiving" and "allowing" and "being" and "accepting." Relax into the power of acceptance.

If you have felt unfree in a particular way or in a particular area of your life, you may find that you want to put your attention initially this week on an area in which you already feel free. Or perhaps focus on a specific event in which you felt free. This opens you to appreciate the feeling or essence of freedom -- imagine the feeling, remember this, feel this, see this, etc. Notice the dynamics of freedom. Touch and appreciate freedom.
Then...... acknowledge that you have created this experience.
Then..... shift your attention to an area in which you wish
to experience similar feelings of freedom. Carefully bring in all the dynamics you remember from the other experience. Oops, don't drop the feelings by letting your head tell you these are two different situations. Stay with the feelings you have created that tell you that you are/were free. Repeat this exercise until you can more easily accept the feelings of freedom regardless of the situation.

If I were to select the definitive affirmation for the week to represent receiving and accepting for Freedom it would be the affirmation for the first day (October 8): "I open to allow freedom to operate in my life. I shift my attention from 'freedom from' to 'freedom to.'" I love this affirmation because I have found repeatedly that many persons feel that they are locked into something or someone, or restricted from doing something. People often want to get "free from" something. This, indeed, may be a worthy goal. However, once "freed from" something or someone you usually re-create a similar bondage with another person or thing. On the other hand, "freedom to" opens a wider scope of possibilities in which to experience freedom.

Following are all seven affirmations. Select one to focus on for the week or use a different affirmation each day or some combination. You will receive each of these affirmations on the appropriate days with additional information and suggestions. Make your process work for you.


October 8:
I open to allow freedom to operate in my life. I shift my attention from "freedom from" to "freedom to."

October 9:
I receive goodness and freedom from the Universe. I let the truth shine through appearances.

October 10:
I allow freedom to open a pathway and to flow through me.

October 11:
Dear God, allow me to see freedom in a way that I can understand.

October 12:
Freedom, you are my friend. I receive this friendship with love and compassion.

October 13:
I accept freedom in all aspects of my life. I accept freedom in all aspects of your life. We are all free.

October 14:
I am ready right now to live in freedom and gratitude.


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Sent in the consciousness of Freedom by Marshall House and publisher of "Affirmations: A Pathway to Transformation."
By Jeanie Marshall, Copyright 1994-2006 Marshall House  Marshall House, 1223 Wilshire Boulevard, #300 Santa Monica, CA 90403-5400 (310) 392-1987 Marshall House Web Site,


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