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I open to allow abundance to operate in my life. All my
needs are met, in time and on time.


Your thoughts activate the creative force in the physical
plane. You need energy, though, and the energy of abundance
is available to operate these fleshy vehicles on this earth.
You manifest from Spirit. You manifest from Spirit by
aligning yourself with the divine and opening to allow the
Universe to respond. I do not advocate manipulation or
bargaining with God or taking from others. I advocate
lifting your consciousness so that you are aware that you
are manifesting from Spirit into the physical plane. These
manifestations are fast, easy, joyous, and realized with
integrity. You, who are here to bring the light into dark
places, find that this is very hard to do if you feel
hopelessly needy. When you feel needy, you absorb the light;
when you feel your needs are met, you radiate the light.
When you have unmet needs (and you always will), you can
radiate the light by trusting yourself to receive the flow
of the Universe in the only time that is: now.

At first, you may have difficulty accepting the truth of
this affirmation. If so, here are two optional approaches
(1) Affirm it anyway (let it be an affirmation of trust).
Or (2) Affirm it and observe the feelings or thoughts or
other reactions you experience to the affirmation. Then
create an appropriate process or affirmation to deal with
the reactions. For example, if you have a disgruntled
reaction such as, "Yeah, sure, all my needs are met, I just
can't have any wants," you might return to the September 1
affirmation and affirm something like: "I give myself
permission to release disgust (or anger or victim
consciousness or resentment or hopelessness) from every
level of my energy field, easily and effortlessly." Or you
might simply give up to the angels any negative reactions to
today's affirmation, knowing they will carry off the
reactions joyously.

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