Attraction.....Sympathetic resonance

 Some people believe the mind is like a magnet, and what we hold uppermost in our attention we attract to us. In music, this is called the principle of 'sympathetic resonance'. If you have two pianos in the same room and you hit a C note on one piano, you will find that the C string on the other piano starts vibrating at the same rate. In the same way you are always attracting people and circumstances that resonate with your predominant thoughts. Wouldn't it be good to attune your mind to notice how many opportunities there are to become 'wealthier' in any way or form?

You need to begin thinking of yourself as someone who deserves a great life. You must begin by feeling 'rich' with love within for it to manifest outwardly.As you begin to truly see yourself as a wonderful person, you will see the wonders around you grow.

It's a change in your self-image to one of greater confidence and greater harmony so you begin to notice the abundance that surrounds you, and it will greatly enhance your experience of being alive.

Paul McKenna


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