Attachment versus Freedom

The opposite of attachment is pure freedom. We feel free inside, and we want the other person to also be and feel free. We live in the moment with no calculating moves, motives, or games.


When we are attached, we try to get from the other person all those things we did not learn or were not taught how to give to ourselves.


I am sure you are wondering how you can love someone and not feel attached. This is the crux of the cure to move out of deep emotional pain into pure emotional freedom. So here is your answer.


The one you love came into your life to help you grow and evolve. That is why we attract certain people into our lives to begin with. It is all about growth. When you feel a bond that is so deep, it is a pure bond. But a bond does not mean binding and attachment; it means a deep connection.


When you feel this deep connection, this in and of itself is a gift. The relationship you experience may have been deeply transformative. You might have grown and learned more than you ever thought you had to learn.


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