Life Is a Mystery To Be Lived


"Life is not a problem. It's mystery to be lived, loved and
experienced!" ~Osho


There are three basic responses to life. The first is resisting what
is. Our body contracts, tightens in and constricts when we feel
threatened, out of control or hurt in some way. The second is
allowing what is. This is an experience of trust, release and
expansion. We interpret life as a safe, loving and nurturing place,
and we relax, let go. Our lives feel open and spacious. The third,
which contains components of the first two, is a neutral
non-identified response. When we are truly detached, we have no
opinion, and are free from all forms of judgment and limitation of
any experience that arises.


One of the greatest blessings to humanity is your sensitivity, your
consciousness. ~Osho

In each of these responses is the possibility of discovering your own
awareness. So that we may essentially be able to experience more of
our own existence. If you take a close look and notice, all three of
these experiences happen to you everyday. On some subtle or intense
level, your bodymind will contract with suffering, expand with joy,
or not really have any particular response at all. It all depends on
where your awareness is fixated on. Wherever your attention goes, the
experience flows. If you are attached or avoiding certain people,
thoughts, feelings or experiences you will create some form of
suffering. Transcending suffering means embracing and releasing each
of the three conditioned responses, immediately as they arise.


Life is the school, love is the lesson. ~Bumper Sticker

Our moods, attitudes, and personalities are formed by our perception
of reality. The color of the blue sky may be very calming and
soothing to some girl who is lying on her back in a warm field of
grass, being absorbed by the deep blue yonder. An air traffic
controller may not even notice the sky has any color at all, as he is
panicking about two planes trying to land at the same time. A young
child may not even know what the color blue is, and can be looking at
the sky and not even see that there is anything there at all.


If I create from the heart, nearly everything works;
if from the head, almost nothing. ~Marc Chagall

Where we focus our attention determines what we will experience.
However, the essential key to life mastery is being present and open
to experiencing each new moment, whatever it brings. Being aware of
your body's signals that are always telling you when you are attached
or in avoidance of anything. Just being an open vessel to experiencing
life, in all its flavors and colors, we let go or needing to always be
in control and start to flow with the river. High and low experiences
will continuously happen through us. Yet whether we choose to resist
the negative or hang on to the positive is what determines our


Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away. ~Author Unknown


How often have you found yourself gripping with anxiety or fear over
some situation you thought was going to happen yet never did? It's an
everyday occurrence for many people who are caught in some form of
over-identification from our hype-driven society. We all have been
trained, programmed and conditioned to react (instead of responding
consciously) to information that we hear, feel and see with an
unconscious yet instantaneous contraction. Several years ago, many
scientists did a study on human perception and found that we spend
only 2% of our time in reality (the present moment). The other 98% of
our time is spent in illusions our mind creates about the past and the
future. We are completely missing the reality that is really happening


Research done on people who've had near death experiences has shown
there are two questions that are always asked at the 'pearly gates'
of heaven. #1 What did you contribute? #2 You compared to you, how
much of your potentiality did you use? ~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


Every one of us (to some degree) has an inner "drama addict" who is
unconsciously addicted to hearing about the latest town gossip, what
terrible things are happening in the world, and even gets sucked into
the thrill of watching some stressed out dramatic movie. We feel lost
if life starts to become repetitive, dry or predictable. So we tend
to create this tension in our mind by getting overly involved with
drama around us and end up creating more problems for ourselves than
were there previously. This unconscious saboteur programming, is what
happens when we step out. When we avoid certain thoughts and feelings
in our bodies about the life situations we are really in, we tend to
replace them with these other dramatic illusions. We would rather
live our entire lives in this illusionary dramatic world rather than
let it go, face the unknown and live completely in the unknown, a
state of formless non-identified Reality.


"The price of our vitality is the sum of all our fears. We are on the
homeward journey. Everything in your life is grist for the mill of
that journey." ~David Whyte

My message to you today is that everything you experience in your is
part of your path to awakening. All roads lead to Rome, and all paths
lead to Enlightenment. Life is a mystery to be lived, enjoyed, and
celebrated. Your future will contain both painful and pleasure full
experiences. Yet how you choose to respond to this circumstances is
always up to you! When you decide to dive heart-first into each
experience fully, you will have the life you always wanted to
experience. Your heart will be open, the mystery of life is revealed
to you in each moment completely and perfectly as it always was.

So be aware when you are judging what someone may say next, or
attempting to hold onto something that is already gone, your true
unlimited self (that is exuberant with life) can only be found in
this present moment. This presence that you are is this radiant
source of bliss. It is the only place you can discover true freedom
in your life. The here and now is the only place we will ever find

Many Blessings to you,
Jafree <>;


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