Make this a wondrous week!

Greetings on the 1st week of October with the theme of
Freedom. During this first week we focus on Releasing/
Cleansing Affirmations.

If you have not already done so, please identify your over-
arching intention for Freedom. That is, develop a statement
that guides you in the exploration and embodiment of freedom.
Intention is the energy or consciousness from which actions
emerge. If you are uncertain how to write this intention,
just make an attempt. Keep it simple. You have 31 days to
work with the intention and the theme, so let your statement
change and deepen. Here are a few suggestions for
statements of intention about the theme of Freedom: *To
realize freedom on all levels of my being. *To know that I
am free; to know that I am me. *To embody freedom in every
aspect of my life. *To live each moment free and freely.

The affirmations this week aid you in internal housecleaning
-- clearing away the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings related
to non-freedom and anti-freedom. Most individuals have had
experiences of freedom and non-freedom, yet the collective
experiences are varied. This week, cleanse, release,
forgive, and free yourself of dynamics of non-freedom. While
true freedom is an internal process, it is often helpful to
look at how you relate to your freedom in certain situations
or with respect to certain ideas. As you use these
situations for your learning, it is important that you not
give your power away to them. You want to gently release
resistance, not increase resistance.

There is a myriad of ways that foster feeling free or not
free: gender, race, skin tone, age, politics, culture,
class, educational level, religion and religious practices,
names, language, accent, national origin, speaking/speech,
intelligence, physical ability, physical appearance,
procreation, gathering/assembly, learning/academia, and
relationships (especially contractual relationships), such
as marriage, job, housing, banking, purchases. Well, this
is quite a list, and surely I have omitted some.

As you proceed through this week, you may choose to select
one or more areas in which you wish to focus for your
exploration of freedom. While your statement of intention
is ideally broad enough to serve as an umbrella over every
aspect of your life, a focus on a specific area or
relationship may assist you in making all the ideas
practical and relevant.

I recommend that you write this week's affirmation(s), if
such an exercise appeals to you. I have developed a process
which is described in the book, "Affirmations: A Pathway to
Transformation" and in an article entitled, "Writing
Affirmations for Empowerment." You may request this and our
other articles by following the instructions below.

If I were to select the definitive affirmation for the week
to represent releasing and cleansing for Freedom it would be
the affirmation for October 3: "I let go of everything that
blocks freedom. Angels assist in the removal of blockages."
Sometimes folks get upset when they do not understand what
they are releasing, which simply ADDS to the blockages. So
this affirmation says it all: we release EVERYTHING THAT
BLOCKS FREEDOM. Everything. It doesn't matter its origin
or color or location or vibration or level or label or sound
or gender. If it blocks freedom, it is to be released.
Give it no more attention than this, then focus on freedom.

Following are all seven affirmations. Select one to focus
on for the week or use a different affirmation each day or
some combination. You will receive each of these
affirmations on the appropriate days with additional
information and suggestions. Make your process work for


October 1:
I give myself permission to release bondage and oppression
from every level of the energy field. I turn my attention
to freedom.

October 2:
I rescind obsolete vows of struggle, shame, sacrifice,
poverty, revenge, and unworthiness.

October 3:
I let go of everything that blocks freedom. Angels assist
in the removal of blockages so that I can give my attention
to freedom.

October 4:
I release memories that allowed belief in helplessness and

October 5:
I cut negative bonds of attachment to powerlessness and
slavery. I also cut away the belief that I can get my power
back by controlling others.

October 6:
I dissolve thoughts that suggest there is no freedom. I
stop arguing for limitations.

October 7:
I let Spirit (My Higher Self, God, My Spirit Guides, The
One, The Force, Infinite Source) purify any remaining
thoughts and feelings of bondage or inadequacy.


Among our articles, we particularly recommend:
"Say Goodbye to Struggle"
"Freedom from Bondage"
"Writing Affirmations for Empowerment"

Sent in the consciousness of Freedom by Marshall House
and publisher of "Affirmations: A Pathway to Transformation."
By Jeanie Marshall, Copyright 1994-2006 Marshall House
Marshall House, 1223 Wilshire Boulevard, #300
Santa Monica, CA 90403-5400 (310) 392-1987
Marshall House Web Site,


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